Monday, March 30, 2009

And so it begins.

Hey cyberspace!
We've been doing a bunch of work to iron out the details for the trip and it is pretty amazing to see progress. It was almost two years ago when Kendal and I came up with this idea and seeing it come to fruition is very very exciting!

I've been keeping up with my training for the trip by doing the bike racing thing. So far it is going well and the team that i've been racing for has posted our first win. I'm getting to the point now when i need to start getting the last of my gear so that i can do some test runs around here.

The fundraising effort is about to hit full steam and i've been talking to some of my friends for ideas. I'm thinking a 24 hour trainer marathon in the middle of the U of Arkansas would be a good place to start (and get some miles in!). Any suggestions would be welcome too. Let me know!

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