Monday, April 13, 2009

signed, sealed, delivered!

PLANE TICKET IS BOUGHT. I'm officially shipping myself via american airlines on seat 24B to the starting line (Seattle, get ready)! ohmanohman! Kendal and I are flying from our aunt's wedding to Seattle on may 18th, which will give us a day in Seattle, so we can hopefully be off by May 20th. I guess the plan is to ship our bikes and maybe tents/sleeping bags in advance to a bike shop or to Stephanie. Greg, I have no idea what an IT thing is, but check out Arnica. its a miracle plant, I used it when i got my wisdom teeth out and for my knee bouts, etc. it speeds healing, reduces swelling, and doesn't have pain killer side effects. you can get it in pill form or use it topically, I bought it at whole foods but I think they have it at other health-ish stores. i know i sound like paid programming, but it seriously has been wondrous.
so stephanie, i know we've never met, but can i sleep over at your house in 35 days?

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