Thursday, May 21, 2009

On our way!

Hi everyone! Kendal here. Sorry there isn't much time to write, but I just wanted to tell you that we are officially on our way today! Details to come!



We believe said...

Kendal, Stephanie, Rachel, Greg:

I feel your excitement and am thrilled this day has come. I will be watching closely and offering all the assistance you need, or would just like to have.
You are heroes of the best kind.


asha. said...

congrats on departing! Looking forward to many entries along your way, keeping all us back home updated. Safe Travels!


Katie said...

Do you guys have a place to stay or eat in Denver? If you don't tell Steph to contact me (Katie Weimer) on facebook and I'd love to help out.

md graber said...

Happy 1st day. Hope good food and soft ground awaited you. We Love you.

M & D Graber

Mark Miller said...

Hi guys! CONGRATULATIONS! Rae I'm SO sorry I missed the mail drop! I feel like the worst uncle and fellow biker. Let me know where I can send the stuff for a pickup (post offices usually will accept "general delivery" which can be picked up at the P.O. unless 9/11 changed that). Also, let me know if you still need the same stuff we discussed (but no stove). It's boxed and ready!

Mark "The Shark" Miller
Milwaukee, WI

GCBATT said...

Glad to get your messages and know you are well. Nothing new is on your Blog yet, however.
Proud of you!

Martin Maly said...

Hello guys,

this is Martin and Katrhyn whom you met at the icecream stand of Cascadia Farms on the way to Marblemount.

While you are crossing the Rainy and Washington passes, we are crossing our fingers and cheering for you. See you later today or tomorrow in Mazama!

Martin & Katy

We believe said...

Martin and Katy:

You two are wonderful individuals, and probably better as a couple. Kendal was so excited to tell us about you, and your generous offer to them for tonight.

A big thank you from Washington, DC!

We believe said...

Looks as if you may have camped at Ruby Creek, just outside of the National Park. Probably anoher 40 miles to Mazama.

How was the water at Lake Diablo?