Friday, July 24, 2009

Check out our YouTube Channel!

Before the trip started, a dear friend of mine, Thom Shipley, donated a video camera to our trip. I've been filming like a mad-man, but haven't really had the opportunity to edit any of the videos together and get them up on YouTube.

When I filled up a memory card, I would mail it off to a friend, who dumped the footage onto his hard drive, and mailed the empty card back to me. The system has worked pretty while to archive the footage, but it doesn't do much to get the video into the public eye.

In some of the time I had here in St. Paul, I edited together the footage from 2 of our days on the road. It just so happens that the footage I had on my camera at the time is from days 40 and 41 of the trip.

The videos are all made to be widescreen, so they don't quite fit in the column of this blog. I recommend clicking on the FULL SCREEN icon down in the bottom right corner. (For those of you unfamiliar with YouTube, it doesn't say "Full Screen" is just a grey box to the right of the volume control, beneath the 'You' in YouTube in the bottom right corner of the video.)

I sure wish I could get videos online from every day we are on the road, but the logistics of that just aren't possible until I get home. Hopefully this teaser will be enough to keep you interested until then!

You can see a few extra videos on our YouTube Channel. Hopefully we can get a few more videos posted in the near-ish future.

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