Monday, June 29, 2009

Angels in Frisco

Just wanted to let everyone know...after a long hard day on the road, we were hard-pressed to find a place to camp in Frisco, Colorado. We heard that there was a free campsite, way up in the mountains, 4 miles up a dirt road. We were bracing ourselves for that, and stopped in a local Starbucks to fill up water bottles before hitting the trail.

It just so happens that we met some of the coolest folks in town, who we're meeting at the local brewery in a few minutes. We also met TK and Judy, self-proclaimed sweethearts from Wisconsin, who heard we were camping in the forsest and just wouldn't hear of it! They took us into their home, and we're showering and getting caught up on email.

It's moments like these that make this journey so absolutely wonderful!


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