Friday, June 19, 2009

Just enough time for ONE update!

Day 16
June 5, 2009
Captain: Stephanie
Weather: Sunny and Beautiful
Town: Glacier National Park, MT
Where we stayed: Sprague Creek Campground

For the first time in 2 weeks I did not wear spandex today. Or sunblock. Or bagbalm. It was our first REAL rest day in two weeks. No bikes whatsoever (except for Kendal who rode his bike several miles to pick up our rental car.) I spent a good portion of the morning laying on the ground, feet elevated with ice on my knees.

We had originally hoped to ride our bikes from Kalispell through Glacier National Park and back as a spur off our route, but since the main highway into the park is partially closed due to snow-cover, we opted to give our joints and muscles a rest and explore the part sans bikes for a few days.

We packed up the car, made a quick run to the grocery store for essentials (PBR, marshmallows, chocolate...) and headed towards the gorgeous wall of mountains that blew us away when we first arrived.

We entered the park from West Glacier, rocking out to the the local oldies radio station, and found camping along the east side of Lake McDonald, 10 feet from shore. In the 20 min that we spent driving to our site, we couldn't stop gasping and gushing over the breathtaking views.

Our new friend Camillia, who we met a few days ago at the Lang Creek Brewery, met us outside Glacier to camp with us for the night. She was an awesome addition to our party and totally kept up with our stupid humor.

We cooked up delicious quesadillas, threw down a few s'mores, and hit the hay just as the rain started to pour.

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