Monday, August 24, 2009

Beautiful Radford, Virginia

We're getting so close to the finish line, we can taste it!

This past Saturday we landed in Radford, Virginia, and haven't left yet!

Here's why: On Saturday night, Dad arranged for Julia and I to have dinner at BT's Restaurant and Bar, where we enjoyed some spectacular food, football, and music. Halfway through the night, a guy came up to me and asked if that was my touring bike sitting outside (I had my helmet sitting on the bar). We got to talking, and pretty soon our new friend Stacey, a bike mechanic, had offered to host us at his house in town.

He took one look at Julia's bike, and saw just how worn out her chain and cassette were, and insisted on replacing it for her. (Her highest gears were so worn out, the chain just slipped right over the teeth on the gear.) They ordered the parts, but they won't arrive until tomorrow morning, so we've been "forced" into a two day vacation from the bikes.

Yesterday, Stacey took Julia kayaking on the New River (2nd oldest river in the world!), and then we went to an amazing concert Bluegrass last night in the Sunken Garden. ( We stayed afterwards to help the roadies clean up, and then joined the band for an afterparty at the Nesselrod on the New Bed and Breakfast, who hosted the concert. Before we knew what was what, we were invited by Mark and Rebecca (the owners) to spend the next two nights in their stunning guest house. (The shower has over 10 showerheads!) They've fed us, let us do laundry, and even provided an opportunity for me to go visit with some residents at the Radford Rehabilitation Center across the river.

Tomorrow morning Stacey will fix up Julia's bike, and we'll be on the road again. I expect it should only take about 7 days to get home to DC, via Yorktown. I'll be there just in time to finish plans for our BIG WELCOME HOME PARTY on SEPTEMBER 6th. Hope to see you there!

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