Monday, August 31, 2009

Homeward Bound...

What a week! My last two days on the TransAm, I cycled over 100 miles each day to reach Yorktown by Saturday afternoon. I was greeted by friends and family at the Yorktown Victory Monument with bottles of champagne (NASCAR style), balloons, and lots and lots of pictures (coming soon!).

The past two days, I've been hauling tuckus (a technical term) in the direction of HOME...a lovely little corner of the world I haven't seen since May 15th. I can't even remember what my bed feels like...but I'm sure going to sleep well when I get into it again!

For those of you who live in the DC area and have flexible daytime commitments, I plan to cross the final "Finish Line" at 2pm today, Tuesday, Sept. 1st. That finish line will be in our neighborhood, Columbia Heights, at 13th and Park Rd. NW. I'm just about 50 miles away in Stafford, Virginia at the moment, and would absolutely love to see some friends and family there when I arrive.

Otherwise, plan on coming to our big "Welcome Home BBQ" on Sunday, Sept. 6th, starting at 3pm. We'll have live music starting at 5pm, lots of food and drink, pictures, stories, etc. The party will be located in the big yard on the SW corner of 13th and Park Rd, NW. I'll be posting more info here soon.

Thanks again for all your support. I will get those last two weeks of journal entries posted before the week is out. There's lots of excitement left to read about...AA meetings, Federal Agents, and surprise visits...and that's just in the last 4 days!

Hope to see you this afternoon at 2,


Connie said...

Congratulations Kendal. Just checked your Spot status and it looks like you're home sweet home. I'll raise a toast in your honor tonight.
- Connie Hays

Kathryn said...

Congrats Kendal! We are so proud of you and so thankful we were able to meet you this summer. Your commitment to the Alzheimer's Association and to completing the ride are insipiring. Kudos to you and your crew for every mile ridden and every dollar raised on "The Unforgettable Journey". Much Love, Kathy, Wally & Sam